Norbert A. Peiker, A Strong Richland County Pillar

By Evan Stuart, Marketing & Communications Intern

Norbert Pieker, Bellville Community

Allow us to introduce you to a true inspiration in the world of architecture – Norbert Peiker. With an impressive career spanning over five decades, Mr. Peiker has left an indelible mark on the field, both internationally and right here at home in Richland County, Ohio. Also, Mr. Peiker is a member of the prestigious American Institute of Architects (AIA), College of Fellows. Only about 3% of AIA architects have been admitted into the College of Fellows.

His reputation precedes him – Mr. Peiker is known as a diligent, hardworking, and customer-centric architect who consistently goes above and beyond to meet project needs. As a recently retired Master Plans Examiner for the City of Columbus, Department of Building and Zoning Services, he exemplified an incredible work ethic, starting his day at 6:15 am and often staying late to ensure every detail was just right.

Beyond his unparalleled dedication, Mr. Peiker brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. His education in Germany and early start in the industry as a young man shaped him into the expert he is today. Having been the president of a prestigious architecture firm, he understands the challenges architects and engineers face in private practice, making him a valuable asset to any project.

Here at the Richland Area Chamber & Economic Development, we have seen firsthand Norbert’s dedication and wealth of knowledge. While serving as the 1998 Chamber Chairman, Mr. Peiker worked diligently to emphasize the importance of the many small businesses that support our area’s economy. It was because of this that the Small Business of the Year Awards were created.

Additionally, a joint community effort was co-chaired by Mr. Peiker; the citizens of Mansfield were brought together by creating a memorial in downtown Mansfield to honor Dr. Martin Luther King. This process required the leadership and perseverance of Mr. Peiker to reach completion.

But Mr. Peiker’s journey has not been without its trials. Almost three decades ago, he faced a formidable opponent – stage three cancer which progressed into stage four. With unwavering faith and the support of his wife, Barbara, he has defied the odds. He continues to thrive, fighting stage four cancer and bringing his expertise and enthusiasm to Richland County.

His passion for architecture is undeniable – from his college years, where he excelled in design and creativity, to his dedication to mentoring and assisting his peers. As a competitive marathon runner, he honed his determination and discipline, attributes that have undoubtedly contributed to his outstanding professional success.

At 82+ years young, Mr. Peiker remains an inspiration for us all. His positive attitude, commitment to excellence, and refusal to be deterred by setbacks are qualities we can all learn from. He continues to work tirelessly, driven by the belief that his journey is far from over and there is still vital work to be done. After graduating from the Polytechnikum in Augsburg, Germany in 1964 and retiring in 2023, Mr. Peiker has had nearly 60 years of professional work experience, with 54 in the United States.

Mr. Peiker’s story serves as a reminder of the profound impact individuals can have on their profession and community. As business professionals, let us draw strength from his resilience and dedication to making a difference. In the face of challenges, Norbert stands tall, proving that age is no barrier to pursuing one’s passions and leaving a lasting legacy.

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