Driving Economic Growth: Global Medical Foam’s Expansion with the JobsOhio Inclusion Grant

Tenacity Turned Triumph Series: Stories of Business Expansion & Retention in Richland County
By Sandy Messner, Director of Marketing & Communications

Global Medical Foam is a true embodiment of the tenacity and innovation that Richland County embodies. As a woman-owned provider of pressure-management products for medical facilities, Global Medical Foam faced exponential customer demand yet was limited by space in their existing storefront. Despite these challenges, they recognized the need for expansion and collaborated with the Richland Community Development Group (RCDG) to access further opportunities for growth.

Through their unwavering determination and partnership with RCDG, they secured the JobsOhio Inclusion Grant, which provided them with a matching grant of $25,000. This funding enabled them to renovate a building behind their storefront, creating the space necessary to meet the growing pressure-management product demands.

The impact of their expansion was not just limited to their success: it led to the creation of three new jobs, increasing job opportunities in Richland County. It also boosted the local economy, increasing the company’s payroll by $203,000, resulting in a capital expenditure (capex) increase of $66,540. This momentum not only directly impacted Global Medical Foam but continues to contribute to the economic landscape of Richland County.

Global Medical Foam’s journey demonstrates the power of collaboration and strategic decision-making in driving business growth and community development. Their partnership with the RCDG and acquiring the JobsOhio Inclusion Grant secured a new facility and paved the way for job creation and increased payroll. This is a true encouragement to all small businesses looking to grow and impact their community.

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