Business Advocacy Committee

Legislative Priorities


The mission of the Richland Area Chamber of Commerce Business Advocacy Committee is to serve as a conduit that links the concerns and priorities of our community to the elected officials who can help achieve our goals through legislative initiatives.

A Business-Friendly Environment

We support local, state, and federal policies that encourage and support business development and growth.

We know that business regulations and taxation are oftentimes a significant factor in the day-to-day operations and decision-making process for businesses. Therefore, to remain competitive as a place where businesses want to be…

  • The Chamber supports actions that make Richland County and our region and/or state a more business-friendly environment.
  • The Chamber will work to promote the growth of businesses in our area and focus on expanding and supporting start up activity.

A Strong Infrastructure

Continuous improvement of our community’s roads, bridges, communications networks and vital infrastructure to fully support the growing needs of our citizens and businesses.

We know that infrastructure continues to have critical and significant needs for updating and investment. Therefore, to remain competitive as a community of choice for businesses and residents…

  • The Chamber believes high-quality and reliable infrastructure is imperative to economic growth. Roads and bridges, the airport, water and sewer, and communications infrastructure require long-term, reliable investment.
  • The Chamber supports regular review of infrastructure needs at all levels and encourages long-term planning and examination of innovative funding mechanisms to make necessary resources available for these significant capital investments.

A Prepared Workforce

A strong education system from pre-school through college and career/technical school that prepares our citizens for the occupation of their choice and the workforce needs of local businesses.

We know that having a highly educated, trained, prepared and equipped workforce is essential to attracting new businesses and retaining existing business and industry. Therefore, to remain competitive in the 21st century economy…

  • The Chamber supports increasing the educational attainment at all levels, which enhances the social fabric, quality of life, and promotes economic opportunity for the community as well as those looking to locate a business in the region.
  • The Chamber supports a strong, local educational and training system as well as initiatives to meet the needs of local employers.
  • The Chamber supports promoting policies that address the demands of the business community, and workforce needed to fill available jobs today and in the future.

A Strong Quality of Life

A civic environment that values safety, affordable and accessible health care, neighborhood redevelopment, a healthy lifestyle, a variety of social and entertainment options, and responds positively to the unique challenges of our time, such as drug abuse, poverty, mental health issues, etc. with effective programs that reverse, minimize or eliminate these difficult issues.

We know that without the availability of human resources, economic growth is stifled. Growing our population by making Richland County a desirable place to live with robust communities and a high quality of place and happiness must be a priority. Therefore, to address this issue…

  • The Chamber supports the redevelopment of our downtowns.
  • The Chamber supports neighborhood revitalization and renewal.
  • The Chamber supports brownfield redevelopment efforts.

Roles and Responses

To effectively address the impact upon our businesses, members, and the community, the Chamber, through the work of the Business Advocacy Committee, will monitor, review and report on issues related to these various priorities. They may choose to submit a position and/or recommendation to the Board of Directors for consideration as need arises.