Chamber Podcast

The Richland Area Chamber & Economic Development Podcast is a place to hear from industry leaders as they discuss business-related insights and share valuable resources for today’s entrepreneurs and anyone interested in professional excellence.

Series 1: Richland Workforce Pulse (Workforce Development)

In our first series, we focus on workforce development in Richland County, Ohio, with discussions about how it relates to the state and the surrounding region. Hosted by Clint Knight, Director of Workforce Development, we will cover unemployment trends, employee retention and engagement, recruiting and communication methods, employee education and upskilling, talent gaps, and potential funding sources for training. Richland County is located in North Central Ohio and includes the communities of Bellville, Butler, Lexington, Lucas, Madison, Mansfield, Ontario, Plymouth, Shelby, and Shiloh.

Series 1 – Episode 1: “Ohio Workforce Overview” with Lt. Governor Jon Husted
Series 1 – Episode 2: “Unemployment Data…Explained!” with Matt Damschroder
Series 1 – Episode 3: “Educational Attainment and Collaboration in Mid-Ohio” with Dr. Dorey Diab
Series 1 – Episode 4: “Is Workforce the Chicken or the Egg ?” with Barrett Thomas
Series 1 – Episode 5: “Communicating the Workforce Need” – with Jessica Hiser
Series 1 – Episode 6: “Understanding The True Needs Of A Community” – with Deanna West-Torrence
Series 1 – Episode 7: “Investing In Our Future Workers” – with Amy Wood

Special thanks to the Area 10 Workforce Development Board for making this series possible.

Series 2: Richland Workforce Pulse (Finding Your Space)

In series two, we’re excited to tell the stories of individuals who live, work, and play here in Richland County. The message here is that there is space for everyone here in Richland County. Hear their stories of how they’ve found their space, how they’ve created their space, and how they’ve discovered space for the things that they love to do, the things that they wanted to do, and the families and opportunities that they wanted to create.

Series 2 – Episode 1: “Workforce Challenges” with Lee Tasseff and Jodie Perry
Series 2 – Episode 2: “Planting Roots in Richland County” with Walt Bonham
Series 2 – Episode 3: “Finding Space and Making a Difference in Richland County” with Jessica Hiser
Series 2 – Episode 4: “Space for Leaders in Richland County” like Jason Guilliams
Series 2 – Episode 5: “Story of Young Engineer, Lexington Graduate – Jerrod Kiser”
Series 2 – Episode 6: “Dan Smith, Historic Ohio State Reformatory”

Special thanks to the Area 10 Workforce Development Board for making this series possible.