Elevate & Innovate: Our ACCE Chamber of the Year Journey

The Power of ‘Elevation’: Lessons for Progress

By Sandy Messner, Director of Marketing & Communications

Ohio Chambers at ACCE

Imagine the excitement that filled the air when the Richland Area Chamber & Economic Development embarked on a thrilling journey towards the prestigious ACCE Chamber of the Year Award. The anticipation was palpable from the moment we began this exhilarating process back in May to the culmination of it all on August 1st at the ACCE Annual Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. The theme for the conference was “Elevate,” and that’s exactly what we aimed to do throughout this remarkable experience.

Elevating Through the ACCE Chamber of the Year Award Journey

As our team prepared for the ACCE Chamber of the Year Award, we knew it was not just a competition, but an opportunity to showcase the incredible achievements and growth that Richland County has witnessed. We saw this as a chance to elevate not only our chamber, but also our entire community. From day one, we were determined to make the most of this experience and demonstrate the endless potential and unwavering spirit that connects us in Richland County.

Connections That Transcend Geography

Participating in the ACCE Chamber of the Year Award process fostered connections that reached far beyond our county lines while strengthening the bonds within our team. During our time in Salt Lake City, we had the privilege of engaging with chambers and professionals from across the nation. It was inspiring to hear their stories, share ideas, and witness our collective commitment to nurturing prosperity in our communities. These connections made us realize that our impact in Richland County goes beyond our local borders. We became part of a larger network of changemakers, united in our quest for progress. Moreover, the experience brought our team closer, reinforcing the unity driving our chamber’s success.

The Power of Elevation

The theme of the ACCE Annual Conference, “Elevate,” perfectly describes the significance of this journey. Throughout the process, we were constantly challenged to elevate our strategies, our thinking, and our impact. The recognition as a finalist in the ACCE Chamber of the Year Award category validated our efforts to rise above the ordinary and embrace innovation. It showcased our dedication to pushing boundaries, taking strategic risks, and embracing new opportunities for growth.

Continuing the Journey

While the ACCE Chamber of the Year Award journey may have officially concluded on August 1st, we remain committed to elevating Richland County. We have taken the valuable lessons and connections gained from this experience and are using them as stepping stones to continue our journey of progress. Through collaboration, community involvement, and relentless dedication, we will keep pushing the boundaries of what is possible and working towards a thriving and prosperous future in Richland County.

As we reflect on our ACCE Chamber of the Year Award journey, we are reminded of the power of unity, the impact of connections, and the importance of continuous elevation. We are deeply grateful for the support of our board members, staff, and Richland County community. Without their dedication, none of this would have been possible. We thank each and every person who has been a part of this journey and lifted us up.

While the title may have eluded us this time, the recognition and experiences gained have propelled us even further in our mission to support and grow the incredible businesses and individuals in Richland County.