Introducing the BrandRichland Video: A Celebration of Our Community

We are excited to announce the release of the BrandRichland video, a captivating production that showcases the vibrant life, work, and leisure opportunities in Mansfield and Richland County. This 2-minute and 22-second video is a testament to the strength and collaboration within our community and aims to foster a deeper sense of unity and pride among our residents.

A Unified Effort

The creation of this video is the result of a remarkable partnership between the City of Mansfield, Richland County Commissioners, Richland County Foundation, Destination Mansfield – Richland County, DRM Productions, and the Richland Area Chamber & Economic Development.

This collaboration began as part of the community branding effort launched by Mansfield Rising. The community brand, now known as BrandRichland, was supported by nine community partners and guided by a steering committee of 20 engaged leaders in Richland County.

Such teamwork exemplifies the cooperative spirit that makes Richland County unique and is something that other communities often strive to achieve. We are proud to highlight this shared effort as it underscores the strength and solidarity of our county.

The Spirit of Richland County: Video Script

Mansfield and Richland County are for the strong and inspired.

Rolling Hills reflect the grit and glory of our ups and downs.

Generations of industrious farmers empowering the American dream.

We are a family of communities working together.

The roads, rivers, and trails that connect our cities are filled with people committed to the promise of abundant living.

From our beginning to now, we are makers who built the nation’s trust by giving life to innovations that changed our world.

Boldly setting the standard for reinvention and reimagination.

We are outspoken. Hard-working trailblazers.

We turn tenacity into triumph.

And we love the soul-inspiring replenishment that comes from the great outdoors.

We are creators sharing a collective vision.

Deeply rooted in the success of our past.

We are building momentum. Led by today’s dreamers.

We are a story in the making.

And the only thing missing?

The chapter you will help us write.

Come. Make it in Mansfield. Welcome home.

Join the Journey

The BrandRichland video is more than just a visual presentation; it’s an invitation to be part of our ongoing story. We encourage you to watch and share this video, helping to spread the word about the vibrant and dynamic community we are proud to call home. By engaging with this video, you are becoming an active participant in the narrative of Richland County.

Watch and Share the Video

The BrandRichland video is now available for viewing on our social media channels and We invite all residents and friends of Richland County to watch and share the video, celebrating the spirit and potential of our beloved community.

For a detailed look at the filming locations, view the filming location map.

Together, let’s celebrate the story of Richland County and continue to build a community we’re all proud to be part of.