Ideal Electric


Have you ever thought about the massive machines that keep things running worldwide? Thousands of them are built from start to finish right here in Mansfield, Ohio. IDEAL ELECTRIC has been around for 119 years and has many different job opportunities available as we continue to boom and grow in business and the workforce. You’ll find work stability on 1st shift in a spacious manufacturing environment. From sales to engineering to assembly, IDEAL has something for you. Join the IDEAL family and help contribute to producing high-powered motors and generators that keep the world going.


Born in 1903 out of a 2,500-square-foot converted horse carriage shop in Ohio, IDEAL ELECTRIC has grown to become a globally recognized electric motor and generator manufacturer. The company is distinguished as a leader in high-power, specialty electric motors, generators, condensers, switchgear, power systems, and controls. IDEAL has a deep and fascinating history but thrives on innovation and quality.